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    In memory of late Mr. G. Karunakaran, the former president of the Peroorkada Service Co-operative Bank, an educational society was formed and was registered under charitable society act of 1955, register no: T2340.

    Mr. G Karunakaran was a great educationalist, philanthropist, and eminent leader who worked hard for the upgradation of the society. After a distinguished career as a teacher, he dedicated himself for the public’s service. His name will be written in golden letters in the history of Peroorkada Service Co-operative Bank.

    He was the one who gave new life to the bank when it went to resolution. Under his expert guidance and leadership Peroorkada Service Co operative bank heralded a new era in the scenario of banking sector. Now the bank is capable of extend its service to the other sector. The first lap in this effort came true when we step-in to Co operative College of Nursing under G. Karunakaran Memorial Educational Society.